About us

Z.U.G. ELEKTROMET is located in a small village near Głubczyce in the south of Poland. It started almost 40 years ago as a small workshop equipped with one welding device, a few simple tools and a great passion of Wojciech Jurkiewicz to create new things.

The first products were radiators for central heating systems and tanks for domestic hot water. Wojciech Jurkiewicz was worker, manager and salesman of his own company. Obtaining supplies was the most difficult part of this job. Acquiring the right materials was like making a miracle. The successful purchase of several tons of steel was comparable with the signing of multimillion contract in modern times. The resulting products quickly find buyers - underdeveloped market was very receptive. The structure and the territorial coverage of distribution at that time was limited to the local shops and the nearby warehouse-industry. Year after year, ELEKTROMET increased production and sales. The gradual expansion of product range and introducing new product groups as electric water heaters required new machines and equipment, premises and employees. In the late 1990s, it turned out that further development requires significant extension of production facilities. Shortly afterwards in the near distance from the first facility was built second manufacturing facility. The main specialization of the company was the production of domestic hot water tanks but it was impossible to ignore the fast-growing segment of solid fuel boilers. In 2006 the first automatic retort boilers of EKO-KWP family was shown and departments related to the new segment of products were gradually expanding. The sales of boilers were so satisfactory that it was decided that a significant extension of the range was nessesary. Recently, the offer has been complemented by a full range of coal and wood boilers (EKO-KWS and the EKO-KWR), universal coal and wood boilers (EKO-KWRW), automatic coal (EKO-KWPm) and pellet (EKO-PE and the EKO-PED) boilers, as well as products in the field of solar energy and heat pumps.

Currently ELEKTROMET makes a hundreds of thousands of water heaters, heat exchangers and boilers each year and distribute its products in Poland and in many other countries in Europe and Asia. Despite its size, ELEKTROMET still remains a family company run by its founders with a the support of second generation of Jurkiewicz family.