Flat collector EL-SOL

ELEKTROMET solar collector is designed to convert solar energy into useful thermal energy used for hot water preparation, heating swimming pool water or to support heat source in the heating system.


technical information
Flat collector: Symbol Unit Value
Width A mm 1006
Height B mm 2007
C mm 85
The weight of collector m kg 40
Surface S 2,02
Optical efficiency Ho % 77
Factor a1 W/(m²K) 4,034
Factor a2 W/(m²K²) 0,010
Connection: tube Cu
Φ mm 22
Casing aluminum profile
solar glass thickness. 4mm
Type absorber copper sheet thickness of 0.2 mm
Selective layer BlueTec eta plus, Sunselect
Production technology ultrasonic welding
Absorption coefficient α % 95
Emission factor ε % 5
Width a mm 990
Height b mm 1990
Absorber area Sb 1,97
Active surface Sn 1,82
The fluid content V dm³ 1,8
Balance temperature
Tr °C 208
Guaranteed minimum yield thermal kwh/m²•year 525
l/h about 60
permissible 50-220
Insulating material mineral wool
Thermal conductivity λ W/mK 0,035
The thickness of the insulation layer:
bottom d mm 40
d1 mm 15


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