WGJ-HP 300 intelligent


Heater of the heat pump WGJ-HP is equipped with helical coil enabling for the connection of other power sources like low temperature water boiler or solar collectors glycol-based.


Advantages of the heat pump:

  •  high efficiency - COP 4,1,
  •  Polish product,
  •  intelligent automation TECH,
  •  very quiet running,
  •  unique evaporator,
  •  high quality compressor
  •  high quality tank,
  •  titanium and cobalt enamel PEMCO,
  •  acces to spare parts,
  •  Door To Door service.


Available models:


Catalog number Model EAN
071-30-101 WGJ-HP 300 intelligent 5903538247013


technical information
Parameter Unit WGJ-HP 300
Refrigerant   R134a
Mass of refrigerant kg 1,56
Performance characteristics    
Tank capacity dm³ 290
The amount of water heated by an electric heater dm³ 130
Operating temperature range using electric heater °C 5 °C - 70 °C
Power of electric heater W 2000
Power absorbed - fan, compressor, driver(nominal) W 550 - 650
Power absorbed(peak) W 3000
Air temperature range for operation of the pump °C 5 °C - 35 °C
Range of temperature control water in the tank °C 30 °C - 70 °C
Operating temperature range using a pump °C 30 °C - 55 °C
Diameter connection                              cold water inch 1"
Diameter connection                                hot water inch 1"
Power   230V / 50Hz
Fuse protection on differential A 16
Weight of the device kg 214
Operating pressure bar 6
Noise level dB 54
Internal coil power (1,4m²) kW 30
External coil power (0,71m²) kW 14
Efficiency ratio for the outdoor temperature +15ºC ** COP 4,1
Efficiency ratio for the outdoor temperature +7ºC COP 3,5
Thermal performance (heat pump)* dm³ 430
Thermal performance (electric heater)* dm³ 200
Air flow (no-load -1 speed) m³/h 315
The time of heating using the heat pomp** h 5
Heating time using electric immersion heater (for 130dm³) h 2,5

* Constant output water of temperature +40ºC (temperature of the water in tank 55ºC)

** Water heated in the range+15 ÷ 45ºC, the intake air temperature: 15ºC

The connection dimensions
Air suction WEP Ø 155 mm
Air exhaust WYP Ø 155 mm
Heating water supply WE 1"
Heating water return WY 1"
Hot utility water CW 1"
Cold utility water ZW 1"
Muff temperature sensor
CT 3/8"
Circulation RC ¾"
Drain ZS 1"
Magnesium anode connection AN 2"
Heater connection MG 1½"



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